1-on-1 Mentoring

1-on-1 mentoring pairs one mentee with one mentor. ABW mentors are trained to guide mentees through an intentional decision making process, to reinforce coping skills, help mentees identity community resources, and follow up with them on resource utilization.

Who we are

Group Mentoring

Mentoring groups are check-in and skills-building groups where participants are given the opportunity to discuss their experiences with reintegration. This groups focuses on wellness and employment. The wellness component of the group provides reinforcement of self-care domains, including emotional, environmental, physical, and social wellness. The employment component of the group focuses on employment readiness and retention.

If you are an impacted formerly incarcerated person or a family member of someone impacted and are interested in seeing how A Brighter Way can help, please call us at 734-646-1587, e-mail us at or by filling out the contact form on the Get Involved page.