Our Board

Al Newman, Board President

Al comes from a career in the for-profit business world and is now very involved in the non-profit community of Washtenaw County.

Pat Shields, Vice President

Pat is retired from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research where he was Director of Development

Laurence O'Connell, Treasurer

Larry is Director of Operations at Mathematical Review

Bryan Weinert, Member

Bryan is Director of Strategy at Recycle Ann Arbor and a leader in the faith-based Community

Kim Thomas, Member

Kim is a Professor with the University of Michigan Law Clinic with a specialty in criminal law with adults and children

Melvin Henley, Member

Melvin is from NEW Center and supports non-profits in capacity building

Ashley McCloskey, Member

Ashley is Associate Director of Development at the Stephen R. Ross. School of Business.

Bonnie Billups, Member

Bonnie is Executive Director of Peace Neighborhood Center

Aaron Suganuma, Executive Director of A Brighter Way

Aaron is the Executive Director of A Brighter Way and a prison-based substance abuse counselor.